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Image of Ms.Keishea Mickles, principal of North Elementary

Our Mission:

“I promise to be a responsible, hardworking, life-long learner.”

Dear North Family,

As we reflect on 2016, the year was filled with many exciting learning opportunities for our students. As a New Year begins, our faculty and staff are committed to making 2017 a year filled with success through hard work and dedication by providing students with daily opportunities to grow. As you support us on this educational journey, allow the following tips to be your resolutions for the New Year to ensure success for your child:

1)    GET A PLAN AND STICK TO IT. Set a specific “quiet time” every day for homework and the minimum of 30 minutes of independent, sustained reading. Since homework is never a task of new learning, allow your child to work independently and plan to check the homework for accuracy upon completion.

2)    BE A CHEERLEADER. Show excitement about what’s going on at school. Some children do poorly in school due to a lack of confidence. For a child to feel good about learning, he must first feel good about himself. Encourage your child by praising his efforts each week when reviewing the Thursday folder enclosed with grades.

3)    MAKE CONNECTIONS WITH THE SCHOOL. Stay in contact with your child's teachers and be aware of their expectations. Help set goals for improvement for this second semester of school. Make sure that your child knows you are interested in what’s happening at school. This will send the message that what he is doing is important.

Here’s to another year full of joy, good health, and educational success for all students at North Elementary!


Keishea M. Mickles

Keishea M. Mickles